Posted by: Teri Simon | 2011/12/04

I thought I needed new glasses.

In December of 2009, I went for an eye exam and found that I had stage 4 metastatic lung cancer.  As a never-smoker, this news came as a complete shock.  I began writing a weekly blog for a select group of friends, now known as my “Blog Buddies,” to let them know my health status and to avoid having to repeat upsetting information over and over.  One of them suggested I publish my blog posts as a book.  The result is Perspectives of a Flying Elephant, My  First Year in the Land of Lung Junk.

I keep telling myself that no one is going to buy a book about lung cancer.  But they are.  My greatest wish is that readers who are struggling with illness or any other sort of “junk” will find something in the book to make their journeys a little easier, a little lighter, a little smarter, and a little more peaceful.

Three-quarters of the proceeds from the sale of the book benefit Gilda’s Club Nashville, LUNGevity, and the National Lung Cancer Partnership.  It is available from; click here.



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