Posted by: Teri Simon | 2011/12/09


sunsetIt’s been quite a week for a Flying Elephant.  A beloved man, a member of my temple congregation, passed away Monday night.  I will grant you that he had seen a good number of seasons, and was just shy of his 86th birthday.  And yet, there are those who are simply taken from us far too soon.  He was surely one of them.

In the midst of mourning this lovely man, I spent the bulk of the week dealing with side-effects of radiation treatments to my eyes (I’ve decided to just tell people “I had a little work done.”), as well as from the Tarceva I’m back on.  I spent a good amount of time contemplating end-of-life.  It sounds like a big bummer, but in fact, if you contemplate end-of-life (or, in frank terms, death),  and really pay attention to what you’re doing, ultimately you end up contemplating LIFE.  You take a moment to consider what is important, what is superfluous, what is silly, and what is sacred.

I miss the one who is gone; a lot of us do.  But as I contemplate life, I’m left with this:  deep gratitude that I even knew the man, deep affection for my friends and family, a desire to comfort those who are mourning, and a need, a great need, to appreciate each and every day, each and every possibility, and each and every moment that included something to smile about.

Peace for the weekend,




  1. Oh, my! I’m just so sorry you’re dumped in the Land of Lung Junk, too! But delighted you’ll be seeing Leora Horn! You will love, love, LOVE her! And if I can be helpful to you as you journey, please ask Dr. Horn how to connect with me. I’ll be thinking of you today and you’ll be included in my Blog Buddy prayers! Hang in there! Teri

  2. I hope you know you are a God send – I was told I had lung cancer on 11/10/11. After crying solid for 4 weeks, I started looking on the web for something “up beat” .
    I read about your book and ordered it the next day. I actually felt like you were talking to me. Your humor is incredible and I SO needed it!!!
    I receivied the book, & really felt like it was a “God thing” when I realized not only that you lived in Nashville, but that I am going to Dr. Horn also! ( my first appt. is the 19th)
    Anyway – I hope you realize how much your book means to me and I’m sure to many others. You have my graditude and my prayers!!!
    Thank you Thank you!!!

  3. I’m so excited to be able to blog more publicly! Welcome, all, to my website!


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