Posted by: Teri Simon | 2011/12/19

A God-send.

Here was my prayer yesterday morning:  “God, I need something spectacularly wonderful to happen for me today.  Yes, for ME.  I need something awesome.  Really.” When I went to bed last night, I felt all disappointed that nothing had actually happened.

So, I went trolling on my website this morning to see what I could see, and I saw the comment from Brenda on the December 9 post, Contemplations.

THIS is why I blog, why my book is now “out there,” and what I want my life to be about!  So (sadly) cool!  I am reminded that my clock is not God’s clock, and things happen when they happen, and just because they don’t happen when we demand them, they still do happen.  It is never, ever, ever what I think it will be, but there are still cool things to happen in my life!  Amen!




  1. Thanks to Brenda and you. I too was not in a good space and thinking I needed something very wonderful and special to happen today. Then I realized it did happen and it happens every time you blog. You are my
    inspiration and I thank you so much.
    Love you lots,

  2. I am goose bumps all over about Brenda’s post! Awesome, in the true sense of the overused word. Judith


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