Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/02/29

$48K in 48 hrs.

My friends, I have a special request from my very special friend, Prianka Shakil (she’s the beautiful young lady on the right in the picture), a member of the Washington University Relay for Life Team:  “We’re starting our $48K in 48 hrs. fundraising campaign, and basically what we’re trying to do is raise $48,000 in two days. No Relay team has ever done this before, but WashU holds the record for $32,000 in 48 hrs. (that’s how much we raised last year). The event started last night (2/28/12) at 10 PM, and  it’ll go until 10 PM Thursday, March 1st.”

I’d like to encourage you to visit Prianka’s Personal Page, and consider helping these amazing WashU students break a record.  Regardless of how you express support for the causes you embrace, I thank you for all you do!

Much love and gratitude, Teri the Flying Elephant

washu relay team



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