Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/03/04

More Thursdays, Please

ThursdayIt’s been such a weird week, hasn’t it?  I mean, weather-wise, we’ve seen March come in as both a lamb AND a lion, all in a 24-hour period. The town of Marysville, IN, was eliminated on Friday, like an Etch-A-Sketch drawing that the artist decided wasn’t good enough and shook to smithereens, only the Etch-A-Sketch was in the form of a tornado.  Tornadoes blew their way across a large portion of the middle and southern sections of the country on both Wednesday and Friday of last week, Wednesday being the leap-day and last day of February, and Friday being the second day of March.  Storms hit my area on Friday evening, too, and for the first time in my life, I found myself huddled in my house’s “safe place,” the first floor half-bathroom, with my daughter, Emily, my son, Joey, and my cat, Lil (a/k/a Barfy).  Taylor spent the weekend at a choral competition in North Carolina, and I had no idea where the cat, Phyl (a/k/a LKPP) was.  We didn’t get hit by a tornado, but we did get hit by a hail storm that lasted about 5 minutes.  We could hear the hail literally attacking our house!  Luckily, we suffered no damage, and the cars were fine (although Taylor’s car, parked at her university, did suffer a few pings), but those were some tense and freaky minutes in the bathroom!  I cannot begin to imagine what people who suffered through tornadoes endured.  Not even part of my imagination, for sure! Here’s what it was like at my house after the storm:

my house after the storm

But Thursday was a whole other story, at least in my neck of the woods.  March 1, 2012 was an idyllic day here in Middle Tennessee.  The temperature was a balmy 75*, the sun was shining, a warm breeze was blowing, and it smelled like spring.  And the smell of spring for me is just like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo:  it’s the smell of hope.  Oh, that wonderful hopeful feeling that comes about when new buds are bursting on trees and bushes, and daffodils are blooming, and grass is greening up, and allergies start acting up!  So much hope in the new birth of spring!

And so it was hopeful for me on Thursday, March 1st, the day between the storms. I felt great on Thursday, my friends, no aches or pains, no sorrow about my disease (’cause sometimes I get bummed about it), no worries about anything.  I was heading out to run a couple of errands that afternoon, when I decided instead to sit on my front stoop and just, well, BE.  I sat there, and listened to the birds talking to each other, the squirrels scurrying around, the new tree buds rustling in the light wind.  And there, 4 miles from downtown Nashville, two miles from busy Green Hills, mere feet away from all the electronic distractions in my house, and inches from my cellphone, I was carried away on a spring breeze to a place of, well, call me corny if you want to, Oneness.  I’ve been a very spiritually in- tune person for a long, long time, but typically I’ve had some sort of spiritual ADD, so getting to that place doesn’t happen very often for me.  But Thursday it happened.  I felt at Peace and at One with all creation.  I loved everything.  I loved everyone.  I felt like it all loved me back, too.  We were connected.  We were One.  Right there on my front stoop, on my little cul-de-sac, mere miles from downtown and Green Hills, feet from computers and television sets, inches from my cellphone, there I was, at One, in Peace (my mantra for this year).

Upon reflection, I recognized that life in the Land of Lung Junk is a lot like life was for so many of us during the latter part of last week:  rough stuff and sweet days.  No, wait, more like too much rough stuff, and not enough sweet days.  It’s wearisome to change protocols so often.  Scary, too, because you never know if this time the thing will work, or at least fend off tumor growth, or if it will fail to do what you hope it will do, and you’ll have to change protocols yet again.  Like wondering if a tornado is gonna pass you by this time, or if this is the time when the big bad wolf is gonna blow your house down, and you’ll have to escape like a little pig.  And when you recover from the failure of the protocol, you’re left wondering if trying another one is gonna be worth it all, or if you’ll end up just like the folks of Harvest, Alabama, who have to decide if they should rebuild their homes yet again, after Friday’s tornadoes destroyed them, a mere 10 months after tornadoes from 2011 did the exact same thing!

But when the stars align right and the protocol works, and you feel good, it’s like Thursday in the Land of Lung Junk.  Things are happy, things are peaceful, things are good.  Like the tornado passing you by for a change.  Like a spring breeze blowing hope your direction.  Like birds chirping approval and support in your ears.  Like being able to fly instead of slog through the Land of Lung Junk.  What we all need, I think, is more Thursdays.  Not just any old Thursdays; this is not about quantity.  This is about quality.  We need more Thursdays like I had last week, on March 1st, 2012, when March came in like a lamb, and there was Peace and I was at One with All.

That’s my prayer for all of us this week:  that we have a week of Thursdays.

Much love,

Teri, the Thursday-loving Flying Elephant



  1. well, patti, i have to say, i kind of LOVE fairway market! it’s one of the things that really makes new york new york for me! miss y’all on our little quiet street, my friend, but glad you’re enjoying the bustle of the city. know you always have a place here, though, if you need a little break from all that! love you, and many thursdays to you, too!

  2. Aw, I read this on my phone waiting for the bus on a particularly bustling corner (Broadway and 72nd Street) after making my way through a particularly crowded and cramped market (Fairway, about the farthest away one can get from a Publix – or even Kroger for that matter). And I just smiled, letting my mind wander back to peaceful Noel Green Court, thinking of you sitting on our little cul de sac communing with nature. May every day be Thursday for you, my friend! xoxo

  3. Beautiful entry, Teri!

  4. Amen!
    Love, Judith


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