Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/04/18

Test Results, As Promised

You know, it’s not often we spend our time praying for things like pneumonia, is it?  When I was first told that I had a tumor in my left eye and they were trying to figure out how it related to fluid in my right lung, we spent about a month praying that it was something like histoplasmosis or tuberculosis.  Then, as now, well, we didn’t quite get what we prayed for.

Last evening, Leora called me to tell me the test results were in regarding all the pleural fluid that had been drained out of my right lung.  It was not pneumonia, but rather cancerous fluid.  Say it with me, class: EWWWWW!

So where do we go from here?  Well, I’ve decided that one infusion of the immunotherapy drug is not enough for me to call it a “fail,” so I’m going to have another infusion of the drug as scheduled on Monday.  There is a possibility that this fluid build-up in my lung could happen all over again.  It could happen anyway, I suppose, though, too, so whatever.  We’ll know a couple of weeks from now if it is a true “fail” or not, and if it is, then I have some chemotherapy options.  I’m not quite ready to quit trying treatments, but I promise you that each one brings me closer to the day when I am.  I know you’ll all respect me when I cry “Uncle,” and I appreciate that!

So, that’s the story, friends and neighbors.  I am so grateful for your prayers and all the neat ways you’ve been helpful to me, to my family, and to each other.  The path is weird and winding, and yet, I fly……





  1. Charlene,
    Bless you and thank you for these kindnesses. My heart is overflowing….

  2. You are such a blessing. We love you and are amazed at your grace. You have shared with us so much talent and intelligence. You are an amazing woman, friend and mother. This does suck….but you have taught all of us so very much.

  3. Hugs and prayers, Teri. Hang in there as long a you can. I hope to be as strong as you have been when my time comes to face these tough decisions.

  4. I’m sure you’ll know when you won’t be able to fly any longer. When that day comes I’ll support you in any way needed. Until then I’ll keep busy by reading your second book. 😉


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