Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/04/22

Visiting the Sick in the Modern Age

It’s been a bit of a challenging week, my friends, as I recovered from last weekend’s festivities (being hospitalized through the ER, having fluid drained out of my right lung twice).  To say that I’ve been exhausted, overwhelmed, in pain, worried, scared, tired, tired, tired, uncomfortable, and concerned would be to, well, pretty much sum it all up.  Lung junk sucks, and last week was a big ol’ loud sucker!  On the plus side, however, I’ve been feeling better every day.  And I’ve enjoyed the TLC of my kids, my brother,and awesome friends, and yummy food from my parents, and tonight, my friend, Pam.  When you don’t feel good, people really want you to feel better, and they want to do everything they possibly can to make you feel better fast!  It’s heart-warming and sweet and kind and good and lovely.  And also a little tiring.   OK, a lot tiring.

I’m fortunate in that most of the people who care about me have unfortunately had some experience with the dance I’m doing now, so they know the fine points of visiting, like how to call ahead and what to bring or not bring or when to leave.  But we live in a remarkable era, my friends, one which gives each of us an opportunity to give and receive in ways that don’t overextend our abilities, nor deprive us of reaching out.  We live in this Modern Age of Email.

As one on both the giving and receiving ends of spectrum, I am relieved and delighted to live in an age of email and voicemail.  To pick and choose when I have conversations, to determine how long they might be, or if they exist at all, at my leisure or when I feel up to it…..heaven!  Because when I’m recovering from something like this past week, the last thing I want to do is offend some well-intended person who wants to be helpful, but I also don’t want to exhaust myself, you know?  But these days?  Shoot, you can send me an email, and I can get back to you when I’m up to it.  You can leave me a voicemail and I can hear your concerns, and call back when I’m up to it.  I can email you if I have a request or need, and you can get back to me at your convenience.  Win-win, at least to my way of thinking!

So here’s me, going into this week of another immunotherapy treatment, trying to figure out what to do about my painful hip, and hoping that I don’t need to have my lung drained again in the near future, offering this to you:  if you want to know how I’m doing, email me!  Really!  You can find me at  (And yes, I have other email addresses, and if you know ’em, feel free to use ’em!)  That way I’ll hear from you, and you’ll hear back from me as we are both best able to be in touch, and nobody will be overextended!

Enjoy this week in the Modern Age,

Teri, The Flying Elephant



  1. So glad to hear you are typing again. Please let me know if you need anything. Love ya.

  2. You are an amazing person. I so admire you and your ability to articulate your journey. Love and prayers and all positive thoughts…..

  3. Dear Teri, I am incrediblebly happy to hear you ate feeling a bit better! I am sending you some of my hard-fought-for good energy. Keep fighting.



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