Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/05/13

About My Cats…..

lil and claudeGood evening, dear friends!  I hope the weekend has been good for you, and you’re rested and refreshed and ready to take on the coming week.  Wish I could say that was true for myself, but it’s been a rough go in the Land of Lung Junk.  I completed radiation on Wednesday, and they explained to me then that the fatigue and the vomiting (!) was their fault.  Apparently when you’re radiating things like hip bones and such, the gut can get in the way and get nicked, and cause no end of frustrating symptoms and side effects.  Gross understatement of the week:  I feel like crap.  My hope is that the further I get away from treatment, the better I’ll feel, because I surely am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!  My kids and so many of you have done an outstanding job of ministering to me in my misery, and now my brother is in town to accompany Lisa and me to my appointment tomorrow with Dr. Horn.  This will be THE appointment, CT scan and all, which will let us know if the immunotherapy drug is working or not.  If it is, I guess we keep on keepin’ on.  If not, we move on to the next in line for treatment.  I’ll definitely post tomorrow and let you know!

But for this evening, it has occurred to me that I haven’t offered an update on my cats, Phyl and Lil, or as you might know them, Little Kitty Poo Poo (LKPP) and Barfy, in quite some time.  As they approach their 12th birthday next month (they’re twins), it seems to me to be a good time to let you know how things have been with them:

First LKPP.  Yeah, she still sucks.  A lot.  She finds the weirdest places to poop, like on top of guitar cases, or papers lying around, or piles of clothes not 2 feet from the litter box.  She races through the house every day at 2 or 3 in the morning, as if chasing squirrels, or maybe she thinks the squirrels are chasing her.  She yowls at Joey each evening when she thinks it’s high time for the high-schooler to be in bed.  She runs, no, she RUNS whenever I come near her, and to give her a treat of tuna, I have to do it in stealth mode.  Frankly, I think she’s nuts.  She’s pretty, but completely crazy, and still living up to her nickname.

But Lil?  OK, yes, she still barfs from time to time, but she’s really turned into quite my companion!  That’s her in picture, cuddling with my Claude Bolling Bear.  She sticks to me like glue, or furry velcro, and kisses me, nuzzles me, purrs for me, snuggles with me, all day long.  She really is quite something!  If I’m in bed, so is she.  If I’m on the couch, so is she.  If someone comes to visit, she checks them out to make sure it’s ok if they’re visiting.  If she’s worried, she meows until someone pays attention to her or to me.  She is quite amazing!  Well, as long as she isn’t jonesing for some tuna.  Then she’s just annoying.  But I figure that’s a cat thing, and I can cut her a little slack.  I love Lil, my sweet Baby Kitty, now.  Truly, truly love her.  Wish I had done so all along, you know?

So that’s the update.  The last time I updated you was a long time ago, and I was going to try “love” on the cats to see if it worked any better than yelling and screaming.  We now know:  it was 50% successful.   Here’s hoping my treatment is better than that tomorrow…..

Much love,

Teri, the 1 cat loving Flying Elephant



  1. Dear Teri, I truly hope that you will find that the immunotherapy that you are currently undergoing is working for you. As a Stage 4 lung cancer patient with Pleural Effusion, I want you to know that if your current treatment is not working, it is not too late for targeted therapy through Chemo Sensitivity testing through Dr. Robert Nagourney’s Rational Therapeutics lab in Long Beach, Ca. I wrote you about this through email a few weeks ago, but did not hear back, so I’m unsure if you got it or perhaps were not feeling well enough to resond. In any event, I truly urge you to visit his web site ( you can Google it under Rational Therapeutics), as there are so many success stories of patients with advanced disease who have benefitted from his testing of their individual cancer cells which shows which chemotherapy agents would be best to combat the patient’s individual cancer cells rather than just blindly trying different chemotherapies. A sample of your pleural fluid could easily be sent to Dr. Nagourney by your doctor for the testing. The results could truly make a difference in showing how your cancer cells respond to the differernt chemotherapy agents. It’s certainly worth a try at this point in your journey! Wishing you the best. Sincerely, Sharon Boyd, a partner in the “Land of Lung Junk” and one who has undergone the testing with Dr. Nagourney.


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