Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/06/19

Today’s My Birthday!

Oh, sweet friends, allow me to indulge in today’s special blog message!  You see, today is my birthday, and not just any birthday, it is my 3rd birthday as a Flying Elephant in the Land of Lung Junk, and milestone of milestone, so says the AARP, it is my 50th!!!!!!  I am so excited to turn 50 today for so many reasons, I just had to blog about it!

For a long time, my lifetime goal was always to live long like my grandparents and great-grandparents on my mom’s side of the family, well into the 90’s (Grandma was 99!).  In fact, I was kind of determined to make it o 100.  Why not?  My health was good, my lifestyle good, my spirit good, my goals right, God on my side, why not?  And then life intervened.  Like a bad marriage, an ugly divorce, stress of life and finance, health bumps along the way, the reality of the unknowns of the uncertainties of the day-by-by.  When my ex-husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago at the age of 49, it really shook my tree in more ways than his illness and death itself: it planted a seed of concern that maybe 100 was out of reach.  And then a year after his death, I was diagnosed with Lung Junk, and well, to say all hopes and hell done broke loose would be to say that the current forest fires raging are kinda warm.  Mortality took on a whole new sinister slant and I worried that there was a chance my kids’ story would be, “Yeah, both our parents died with they were 49.  Isn’t that weird?”

I gotta tell y’all, I’ve worked for this birthday.  I’ve prayed for it, I’ve done medical treatments for it, I’ve enlisted all your help for it, I’ve cried for it, held faith for it, begged for it, waited for it, and let it go.  That it is here, finally, today, fills me and delights me, and excites me and thrills me and PRAISE GOD I AM HERE AND I AM 50!!!!!!!!  I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I share this day with all you –I mean it– ALL OF YOU!  Some literally:  shout out to Prayer Warrior friend Amy I, childhood friend Marty B, pulmonology nurse Charla, actresses Gene Rowlands, Phylicia Rashad, and Paula Abdul, all of whom celebrate this day as their birthdays, too.  But everyone else in love and friendship and thanks thanks thanks for riding these waves with me, being my friends and supporters, loving me, nurturing me, keeping me safe and sane and strong and ready for this next wave of chemo- you’re included.  You’re in the mix.  I’m building it up, getting it in gear, so let’s all of us take at least a moment today to celebrate life, celebrate love and friendship, celebrate that we are here and we can make it!

I love and appreciate you all, and HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!


Teri, the 50 year old Flying Elephant



  1. I’m in your corner and cheering you on your path! May the going be easy and successful! Bless you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Teri!!! Now to shoot for 51.
    I just this month started my second yr on this journey and am praying for many more years for all of us.

  3. Oh happy day!! Happy 50th Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful celebration. I think of you often, and I always enjoy your posts. You are a remarkable woman with a huge personality and a strength and attitude that make everyone else feel positive too!! Thank you!!

  4. Yom Huledet Sameach!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERI!!!!!! Your book and your blogs and updates mean the world to me. Many good birthday wishes and love. Laura Ariel Hoffman

  6. Susan,
    May God bless you today with a special sign of grace and peace. Share in my birthday, share in the fact that we’re here, and we ARE! I send you a lot of love today!

  7. A very Happy 50th Birthday to you! Your blog entry has tears running down my cheeks this morning. Enjoy your day, enjoy every moment of your celebration of 50 years of LIFE! Stay strong, I think of you often because your spirit is such an inspiration to me as I also work through my own Lung Junk.

  8. ¡Happy Birthday!

  9. Sara,
    Happy Happy Birthday to you, too!!!! I hope your family and friends will treat you to good things and good times today! You’re welcome to get in touch with me anytime; I would love to keep up with you on your journey. Shoot me an email at Always happy to have a new friend, although the reason behind it, well, it sorta sucks! Peace for your sweet path, birthday girl!

  10. Happy 50th, sweet friend! You know all the Rosenbergs and Schulzes are cheering for you every single day.
    We love you! Marti and Billy, Jane and Karl, Emily and Ben

  11. Happy 50th Teri!! I just have to tell you I finished your 2nd book last night, I bought both of them at the Hope Summit. I was sad I did not get to meet you there. I have the same diagnosis as you and it will be 2 years since my diagnosis next month. We also share the same birthday, I turn 33 today! Anyway, thanks for your inspiring books and blogs and hope to meet you at next years summit. Happy happy birthday!!


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