Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/09/24

Yee Haw!!!!!!!

yee hawOh, my friends, it is with great surprised delight that I tell you that MY SCANS TODAY WERE ACTUALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!  Many of the tumors have shrunk (putting me in the 10% of people on whom this treatment actually works like that), and the wonderful Leora Horn was all smiles when she came into the room to tell me so.  It would seem that the Vanilla Bean/Tarceva combination is a winning one, and we’ve finally hit upon the right stuff to beat back these crazy tumors!  I’m still a little bit in a “pinch me, I think I must be dreaming” state, but hopefully I’ll recover from that soon, and just be able to enjoy this good news!  So I will stay on this combo until it no longer works for me, which I hope is a long time from now!

For now, I offer up to you my thanks for your well wishes and prayers, which surely helped this good news come about, and a big ol’ YEE HAW!!!!! for my computerized celebration!

May your week be a good one!

Teri, the surprised and delighted Flying Elephant



  1. YEE HAW indeed brave lady! What happy news.

  2. Your ‘yee haw’ deserves a Yabadabadoo!

  3. Many Blessing from the four corners of the earth and heaven to you, dearest Teri, connie

  4. Teri,

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing well. Please keep it up. By the way, I got the books today.

    Will keep hoping and praying!


  5. Woooooohooo! That’s fantastic news. 🙂

  6. With the New Year comes new hope! So glad that the news is good this time. I will be thinking of you singing in the choir tonight and tomorrow… wishing you could be there among us. Refruah Shlema!

  7. Thank God! Or the doctors or you or whomever deserves the congrats. A little hiatus for now and what great timing giving that it is Yom Kippur.

  8. Teri – What wonderful news! And I great way to start the new year. I’ll send you an email but would love to come by for a visit in the next week or two. Best of New Year’s wishes to you and your family! -Libby

  9. Mazel-tov You deserve good news.

  10. Prayers are working!! I am so happy for you.


  11. That’s the BEST NEWS ever!!! Long may the combo reign!!! Mazel Tov!!!
    Love, Judith and Allan

  12. How wonderful!!


  13. That is so fantastic! What a blessing to hear some good news from a fellow lung cancer patient. I hope your Tarceva side effects continue to diminish and the Vanilla Bean works its magic. Hugs!

  14. A very good start for the New Year!!! With love Barbara and Frank

  15. Terri:

    Such FABULOUS news! In this cancer business I know how much weight this kind of news can lift off your heart and mind. So happy for you and this will make Flying so much easier for you!

    A fellow Lung Junk survivor,
    Susan Gamble

  16. YEE HAW for sure!! What wonderful news, Teri! And who deserves a YEE HAW bit of news more than you.

    Gentle hugs, lots of love and best wishes for a new year filled with only good news.


  17. Teri,

    Wow!!! What wonderful news for you and your kids. We all share in your joy!


  18. YAY! so glad to hear the good news! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve reached out. I’ve been out of touch I know. I still love reading your weekly posts. It keeps you close to me. I’m glad to hear things are on an upswing. I can’t wait until our next get together 🙂


  19. So HAPPY HAPPY for this good news. You are an incredible woman and I admire you so very much. You are my role model.
    Love you lots,

  20. So happy for you you!! Lets pray it keeps up the good work!

  21. What wonderful news to bring us into the New Year with!

  22. You will never know how excited tall Terri was about your good news. She needed some good news. Take care, we all love you Jack

  23. I am so, so happy for you! Yippee!

  24. This is great news! So glad that it is working! Hang in there strong lady. Lynn

    Sent from my iPhone

  25. Teri,

    It is your news that has made this a great week!  Congratulations.


  26. My week just got better!


  27. And I’ll raise you a “Big Hooray” for our indefatigable Teri and her good news. Knew you’d be the poster girl once again! Loads of love from The Rosenberg Gang.

  28. That’s awesome

    So happy to hear the news!



  29. Best news I have heard in a long time!! So glad you have found a chemo that is kicking the tumors butts. Stay strong sister! Sending lots of prayers for continued success. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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