Posted by: Teri Simon | 2012/12/04

A Guest Blog from Lisa and Taylor


A Guest Blog from Lisa and Taylor:


Dearest Blog Buddies,

Teri has given us the dubious responsibility of being guest bloggers today (all to be submitted for her approval of course). Because “enquiring minds want to know”, we will do our best fill you in, perhaps in not as clever a manner as Teri, but here goes: Teri is at home with the care of Alive Hospice. They provide a great service with a team of expert caregivers. They’re making sure that she is as comfortable as possible, albeit a bit loopy from the medicines that help reduce coughing and nausea. They’ve added some steroids to the mix, so her appetite is a little bit better than before. And hopefully once she eats a little more and gets the “roid rage” going, then she’ll have a little more pep in her step! For now she’s hanging out in her comfy bed, and actually getting some much needed rest without being poked and prodded by various nurses, doctors and students in the hospital. Beloved cat Barfy is keeping her company. Teri’s family has also added a lovely caregiver named Doris to be here during the weekdays while Joey is at school. Teri welcomes cards, and emails, but right now she’s not having many visitors because not only is she loopy but she’s pooped! Again, thank you all so much for the prayers/vibes/good thoughts/ good juju, keep ‘em coming!

If you are hoping to visit, Teri requests that you email or text her directly, to see if she’s up for a visit.

As Teri is wanting peace and comfort for herself this week, we know that she would wish a week of peace and comfort for all of you.

With love from,

The loopy and drunkenly flying elephant

(We just read this to Teri, and it elicited a laugh and a small cough).



  1. Hope this does not come through twice but WordPress is kind of loopy itself today. Anyway I just wanted to say that I feel so much more than an ‘enquiring mind’ more a student of Teri’s as she was the first person to reach out to me from the mysterious blogosphere when I began to share my own lung cancer odyssey. Thank you for making the time to update.


  2. Teri– your books and blog meant so much to my beautiful wife, Sara, during her journey. Thank you for being a guiding light and inspiration to her. I’ve got you and your family in my prayers and sending positive thoughts your way. – John Ratzenberger

  3. Thanks so much for the update.

    Prayers are a’flyin,

    To one named Teri.

    I love latkes for sure.

    But Jack Daniels, VERY.

    We love you dear Teri

    But being “loopy” is nothing new.

    Never stopped you from writing blogs

    Always creative, clever and funny, too.

    Keep truckin as they say

    One day at a time.

    Sure hard to make any sense

    With words you’re trying to rhyme.

    Roses are Red

    Violets are blue-ish.

    To hell with this poem

    Teri is Jewish. J



  4. Glad to know you are getting much needed rest. We are still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers in the Hiller household. We know that it has been extremely difficult but so glad that you’ve had a great team of loved ones and professionals. I know it is hard to see everyone but you are still close to us. Thank you Lisa and Taylor for keeping us posted.

  5. Hi Teri, Taylor, and Lisa, Thanks so much for the update. I usually e-mail Teri directly but thought it was about time that I sent one out to all the amazing people in your life. We who are at a distance are so grateful that you have so many wonderful people who surround you with love in a more personal way than we are able to do from afar. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all blessed by knowing Teri and all of you are blessed to be able to help in anyway that you can. We send a huge thank you to all who are there to help in person, something I wish I was able to do. To those of you who keep her in your thoughts and prayers we say thank you. Teri, I am wishing you that week of peace and comfort that you want and need. May you, the loopy flying elephant, continue to be blessed with all the love being sent your way. Love you much my friend. Gail

  6. Teri, I’m glad you’re home and in the mood to approve blog postings. Sounds like you’re in good paws if Barfy is taking care of you. Hope the steroids give you a nice lift but, remember, do not register for the Tour de France. Hugs, SB

  7. Thanks Taylor and Lisa. It’s good to know what is going on. I communicated with Teri yesterday. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for ya’ll. Love and hugs and kisses. Please give your momma a big hug for me Taylor.

  8. Great job girls!! Please let Teri know that much love, prayers and concern are coming her way. She is such an angel and such a positive person to so very many people. We all want to give back to her so much. We love you Teri and want you to get rest and feel better!!!!!

  9. you and your wonderful family are in our prayers. In our church we have a “joys & concern” time. We asked that you be in everyone’s prayers on Sunday. You have touched so many lives and you have been such an inspiration for me. I wish I could do more than pray.

  10. Teri, I send you the most love I can from a distance, since I’m certain Barfy and my allergies would get along a little too well. And Taylor and Lisa, you did a GREAT job filling Teri’s formidable blog shoes.

  11. My love to you Teri. Hope you get feeling better soon. Since I grew accustomed to seeing you now and then, perhaps I could visit in the next couple weeks. You can text when you feel up to it 615 712-4560. Or e mail at


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