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A First, Special Sign from our FOREVER Flying Elephant

To the literally hundreds of people who came out to celebrate Teri Simons’ amazing life yesterday at Congregation Micah, we thank you for the love and support shown to all of us, and most of all, to Teri – on what was a picture-perfect, bittersweet day.  And, to the many others out there, blog buddies and friends alike, who couldn’t make it to Nashville – we  definitely felt your energy and love from afar.

The service was full of moving tributes and heartfelt messages, as well as awesome music and song (thank you BFF Lisa Silver and musicians).  And, as the large crowd of attendees slowly made their way to Teri’s final resting place for the graveside service, it was impossible not to take note of how gorgeous a day it turned out to be: crystal clear blue skies, a warm sun and gentle breeze  – completely atypical for a mid-December Nashville day…  our Flying Elephant already at work, making sure we were sun-kissed and shined upon, as only she could do.

We didn’t intend to send out a blog today, but we felt compelled to, after finding this poem amidst some of Teri’s papers and keepsakes: a poem she wrote and dated October 22, 2010.  We’re not sure if this poem has ever been shared with anyone; we only know that we didn’t know about it until this evening.  Once you read it, and especially if you were with us yesterday, you’ll surely feel as we did when we discovered it –  a first and special sign from our FOREVER Flying Elephant:


Bury me on a day like this
When the golden sun shines in
the Caribbean azure sky
That precious blue hue peeking through
tree branches, leaves of Crayola palette

Let the air breathe of fresh fragrance
Not of rot and waste, nor of death
Sad, sorrowful death
Let the breeze blow warmth
Blow sweet memories, gentle peace

On a day like this
When friends and relations gather
to swap stories and Kleenex
To cry or laugh or stare in silence
To be together, or stand alone

The earth may welcome me
on a day like this
As those assembled watch,
A light jacket as comforting as
an arm gently placed over shoulders

Let them look up, from that final place of rest
See the sky, the sun, the trees
Hear the stories, the tragedies, the triumphs
Feel the breeze, the comfort of one another
Bury me on a day like this
                                                                                                   Teri Simon, 10-22-10

Our Flying Elephant, always and forever with us, in our hearts and minds, and in the skies.

With love,
from Teri Simon’s Family



  1. When I began sharing my own lung cancer odyssey, Teri was the first person who reached out from cyberspace to lend me a hug. She was a gift.

  2. So sorry to hear of her departing after such a short life. So glad she lived it to the full and loved so fiercly her family and children. I new Teri when she was at Catholic Charities and when her children were born. She loved them fiercely. So wonderful that you loved her so in return. My prayers are with you Sister Patricia Dunne.

  3. Thanks for sharing one more heartfelt moment of Teri.
    I will remember her forever.

  4. How beautiful of you to share the poem with all of us. It was a special service where your mother’s spirit was certainly felt.


  5. how can I comment after such words, such beauty. They speak for themselves, nothing to add It’s pure bless, serenity and peace and I am sure it was the way Teri felt when she left our world.
    Thank you for sharing it with her and your loved ones. Thinking of all of you

  6. My friendship with Teri was a privilege and a delight. We had a similar notion of what happens after death. A while ago I said, “If you get there first, will you let me know if it’s as we think?” She said others had asked her, too, and that she would. The gorgeous weather on her funeral day is her first answer. Stay tuned.

  7. I thought it was luck that made yesterday so warm and sunny. I had no idea that it had been special ordered for us by the flying elephant herself. She was indeed a special person and we were all blessed for having known her. Love to her family and close friends. May you find the strength to get through these difficult days.

  8. So very Teri .. thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Hi. Love one It was just the way she wanted! She was amazing lady. And she will be always with us. Love azita

    Sent from my iPad

  10. How can you have chills and be warm all over your body after reading this – I am crying and smiling at the same time – thank you dear Teri’s Family for sharing this poem – yes, indeed, how very special you all are, the beautiful day yesterday, her wish fulfilled! Sent from my iPad

  11. Wow, I’m still sad ;(


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