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Teri Simon’s Memorial Service | December 18, 2012

A video of the memorial service at Congregation Micah is now available for viewing. Speakers included Rabbi Laurie Rice, Micah Education Director Julie Greenberg, Dr. Leora Horn, Felice Apolinsky of Gilda’s Club, and Teri’s brother Sam Cole. The music was a beautiful tribute, with Cantorial Soloist Lisa Silver, Conni Ellisor on violin, John Mock on guitar, Sam Levine on flute, and Jerry Kimbrough on guitar. It all came together in a fitting memorial for a creative, loving woman. Click here for a copy of the program.

It was a beautiful day, just the type of day Teri wanted. In her own words:

Bury me on a day like this
When the golden sun shines in
the Caribbean azure sky
That precious blue hue peeking through
tree branches, leaves of Crayola palette

Let the air breathe of fresh fragrance
Not of rot and waste, nor of death
Sad, sorrowful death
Let the breeze blow warmth
Blow sweet memories, gentle peace

On a day like this
When friends and relations gather
to swap stories and Kleenex
To cry or laugh or stare in silence
To be together, or stand alone

The earth may welcome me
on a day like this
As those assembled watch,
A light jacket as comforting as
an arm gently placed over shoulders

Let them look up, from that final place of rest
See the sky, the sun, the trees
Hear the stories, the tragedies, the triumphs
Feel the breeze, the comfort of one another
Bury me on a day like this

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A special thank-you to Steve Lubetkin of Lubetkin Global Communications for posting the memorial video.



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