buy turbulence for a flying elephant by teri simon on amazonTold via a series of blog posts filled with frankness, humor and warmth, Turbulence for a Flying Elephant chronicles the further adventures — and misadventures — of Teri Simon as she lives through her second year in the Land of Lung Junk. 

It's the author's hope that sharing her journey will help readers manage their "junk" with more meaning, grace, and peace. Available on  Amazon. 

75% of all proceeds from sales of the book benefit Gilda's Club Nashville, LUNGevity, and The National Lung Cancer Partnership. 

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Illustration by Lisa Silver.  Publication design by Kim Phillips.


  1. Hi, Laurie! I’m equally thrilled and so sad that we have so much in common. I wish we had spoken at the Summit; I met Cheryl Shields there and she told me about you and your blog site. I’m looking forward to reading about your story! You can reach me through my personal email which is listed in the back of the Summit notebook.
    I’m now in my 3rd year- Dec. 2 will mark 3 years since my diagnosis. I probably had cancer for a couple of years prior and didn’t know it.
    I pray tarceva keeps working for you for years to come!

  2. HI Teri..
    I’ve just finished reading your first book (and have ordered the second).
    I was fascinated by your story and very moved because I share a similar story.
    I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008 – I had surgery, chemo, radiation, but the lung cancer returned in both lungs (and small met to brain)..
    after SRS (stereotactic radio surgery) for the brain tumor (now gone), I was put on the miracle drug, tarceva (yes, I am EGFR positive). I have been on that chemo pill for over 2 1/2 years and have been tumor-free; I’m hopeful I can stay on it for much longer!
    Of course the side effects have been annoying – I, too, have had the toe infections (also fingernail)…and the Swamp Monster Rash….and the GI problem (you know what I mean)…I have had many more REALLY annoying (and painful) side effects but they’re all tolerable…
    I, too, have been writing a blog about my experiences: “Dancing through Cancer.” I hope you will check it out..I am also hoping to turn it into a book soon. Find it at http://www.ingearcoaching.com/blog
    Thank you so much for all your open, honest, hopeful, funny sharing..
    I feel like I really know you now.
    I wish we had talked at the Lung Cancer Summit…did we?
    Let’s stay connected!
    I hope your second (and third?) year is going well?!
    sincerely, Laurie

  3. Teri,
    What a journey you’ve had these past few years!
    I hope the kids are doing well. I always expected to see Taylor on stage somewhere! She liked the JCC stage when she was 2. I’ll be praying for you and your family.
    Sarah B. Crouch

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